Football Season is Over...

Football season over…. That’s for sure.

Football season is over! Subscribe for the latest scenes & Trailers from The Walking Dead Earn Money From Videos & Get Partnered Here!

If you watched the Super Bowl over the weekend you were treated to a fairly decent year of commercials. We had the standard Coca Cola and car commercials. We also had some unique politically motivated commercials, from companies like AirBNB. One of the best commercials of the night was very simple and straight to the point landing at 16 seconds long. The Walking Dead will be back this weekend and it looks like it is going to be an amazing continuation to the Negan storyline. 

Expect more Walking Dead live tweeting and episode reviews with the return of everyone’s favorite zombie apocalypse.


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Star Wars Episode VIII - Title and Teaser Poster Released

It is official! Star Wars Episode 8 will be…. (pause for dramatic effect)…. The Last Jedi.

 LucasFilm/Walt Disney Studios

LucasFilm/Walt Disney Studios

So, this poster is a fairly standard teaser poster for the Star Wars franchise. Black, starry background with simple lettering and design seems to be an attempt at a throwback to the original Star Wars poster for the first installment, A New Hope. In case you have never noticed, Star Wars titles all have deeper and, sometimes, double meanings. 

The Prequel Titles:

The Phantom Menace is most obviously Darth Maul, but can also be foreshadowing to the future that awaits the young Anakin Skywalker. Attack of the Clones pretty much sums up the clone army, but they aren’t the initial attackers, are they? So, it can also mean the droids that are so identical they look like clones. Revenge of the Sith is clearly Anakin’s revenge for… um… for thinking Padme was cheating with Obi Wan? I’m sorry that was the best of the prequel trilogy but that sudden turn to the bad needed a bit more. Revenge of the Sith could also be a deeper revenge for the prominence the Jedi had and what the Sith wanted. It was also a bit of a throwback to the fake title, Revenge of the Jedi.

The Original Trilogy Titles:

A New Hope is tricky because it didn’t receive it’s title until later. It was originally just called Star Wars. However, A New Hope is clearly Luke. He is not just a new hope for the rebellion but also for the Jedi and for his family. Remember, Star Wars is either a story about the Skywalker family or about two droids who seem to be indestructible. The Empire Strikes Back is fairly clear. It is the striking back against the fighting of the rebellion. This is likely the clearest title of the franchise. Return of the Jedi is kind of not accurate. Obi-Wan was a Jedi and was around not long before this, Yoda was still around for a while, and Luke was developing his skills with Yoda. Was there ever really a time when there were no Jedi?

The New Trilogy:

The Force Awakens is a bit tricky. Was it sleeping? Luke looked pretty tired at the end of the movie. All kidding aside, it is more likely that this was intended to allude to the force awakening in Rey as we see in her fight with Kylo Ren. It could also be the awakening of Luke to get back in to the fight. The Last Jedi instantly sparked debate at my dinner table. Who is the last Jedi? Is Luke the last Jedi because he was on that island and Kylo Ren murdered the others when he left the order? Or, is Rey the last Jedi? Titles like these are begging for lengthy debate and discussion. We will likely never get a solid answer. That is how this typically plays out, but that is okay. It’s part of the fun.

I am looking forward to seeing the next poster. The real poster. One of these years I would love to see them change the aesthetic. Star Wars posters always keep the same layout and feel. It is great for consistency, but it would be nice to see what new design they could come up with.

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The Case for Podcasts

Let me set the scene for you: You are commuting on a packed to the seams train and can’t reach your book. Or, you are at the gym and music is just not doing it for you today. Or, you are at work doing a mundane task (we all have them at some point, no matter your job) and need a more stimulating component to your day. What do you do? What is your best option? What is sometimes your first option because a new episode of your favorite show came out? Podcasts! 



    I love podcasts, and listen to them daily. There are so many great podcasts out there. No matter what you might be interested in, there is something for you. There are, of course, technology related podcasts, like the Accidental Tech Podcast, a.k.a. ATP. But, there are also podcasts related to everything from wrestling to pens, i.e. The Pen Addict. (Seriously… it is life-changing.) And, from starting a business to quitting your job, i.e. Quit. There are podcasts produced from large companies like The New York Times, NPR and the BBC. Then, there are also ones from newer podcast producing companies like The Incomparable, 5by5 and Relay FM. The variety of podcasts out there for your listening pleasure is unbelievably vast. From the informative to the entertaining to the thought provoking.

 Some of the podcasts I'm listening to.

Some of the podcasts I'm listening to.

    I find it interesting how polarizing the topic of podcasts can be. When I mention to some people that I listen to podcasts I get very interesting reactions. Even if the person doesn’t say a word. It isn’t like saying “Oh, I’m listening to music”. Most people have really interesting, and even strange, reactions to the notion of podcasts. Sometimes I will get a dumbfounded face as if they have never heard of them. This can be understandable for some but podcasts are certainly not a new form of media. Podcasts became widespread in 2004 and have been featured on iTunes since the beginning. That is how I discovered them. Often, I will get a reaction that tells me, either verbally or by expression, that the person does not listen to podcasts and feels strongly about that, for some reason. I have even suggested podcasts to friends and sometimes been met with “I don’t listen to podcasts.” and a swift change of subject, or “Listening to podcasts is just about technology and doesn’t interest me.”, or even “That’s too high-tech for me. I don’t have time to figure it out.” But, podcasts come in all shapes and sizes, as noted above, and are extremely accessible to everyone.

 The discover section of Overcast.

The discover section of Overcast.

    The first podcast I every listened to was from the BBC and it was the recordings of that day’s World Have Your Say. I listened to a few podcasts, at first, and I found The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show. It was so entertaining. I had to find more. I found Chris Hardwick at the Nerdist and Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley at The Pen Addict. Yes, a podcast about pens and it is amazing! I discovered podcast networks like 5by5 and The Incomparable. Then, a new comer, RelayFM, which has become one of my favorite sources for discovering new podcasts. My other favorite resource? My podcast app of choice, Overcast, designed by Marco Arment, a podcaster and host of ATP. Who else would be better to design a podcast app than a podcaster? I continue to discover new podcasts and believe that is one of the best parts of being a listener. I recently discovered one related to being a foodie, Sporkful, another about urban legends, Lore, and even one that discusses the musical Hamilton. The ability to have a variety of topics and interests collected in one place and the passion of the people who produce them is part of what makes podcasts so enjoyable. Podcasters are some of the most passionate people on the internet. This is particularly true for the independent podcasters and those who have made it their full time job. Believing in their work really shows and makes fans of podcasts that much more interested and entertained.

    If you have never listened to a podcast I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Pick a topic in your mind. Something that interests you. Then go to iTunes and search it. Or, go to the top downloaded lists. Find a podcast in that area and listen. It will be worth it. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? 

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Classic (-ish) TV Shows: VOLUME 1 --- Quantum Leap and My Brother

We all have those shows. The ones that make a difference in your life. The ones that have an impact on you and stay with you forever. The shows that change the way you act, think, and view the world. I write this blog for the love of these type of shows. The shows that changed my life and the shows that had THE impact. 

Here we have is one of my “classic” shows. I came of age in the 1990s, being born in the late 1980s, so most of my favorite shows are mainly from the 1990s/2000s. They are the ones that really affected me. They are shows like Quantum Leap (this installment), Sliders, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek Voyager, and so on. What makes them “classic”? Simple enough… they are no longer with us outside of the world of re-runs, DVD box-sets and Netflix. 

This series is something that is close to my heart. Let’s get to it…

 photo from NBC website

photo from NBC website

My brother, Sean, introduced me to science fiction. One of my earliest memories is of watching Quantum Leap with him in our living room. I was probably in elementary school and he was explaining the concepts of the show to me. I was fascinated. The ability to go back in time and change anything was awe inspiring to elementary school me. By the time I was introduced to Quantum Leap it was living in reruns. The show, which began in 1989, was only on television for four years and was cancelled in 1993. Taken far too soon from us. I never cared about that. To me it was all new and absolutely amazing. 

 photo from

photo from

Quantum Leap focused around the scientist, Sam Beckett, played by Scott Bakula. Beckett finds himself trapped in time, “leaping” from person to person and time period to time period. Beckett is being sent to “repair” history. The premise of the show is that he can not control where he goes and it was a consistent mystery of the show. Why that place? Why that time? Who is controlling the seemingly uncontrollable ride? The top theory was that it was a higher power. With the help of his team, Al (Dean Stockwell) and Ziggy, he figures out the puzzle of why he is in that place at that time and what he needs to fix. At first, Beckett is unable to remember or understand why he is there, because of his "swiss-cheese memory" from leaping. With Al's help he is able to rebuild much of his memory and work towards completing his goal and mission. The ultimate goal is to get back to his time and to his life. The show included storylines like the JFK assassination, protecting Marilyn Monroe, Beckett’s brother’s death in Vietnam, and the creation of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. It also covered social issues like infidelity.

So why would a little kid, no more than 6 years old when introduced to this show, be so interested and so fascinated? I would ask my brother questions about what was happening with the leaping and the sci-fi portion of the show. But, I would also be fascinated by the history and cultural challenges the show faced. Looking back, I learned so much from this show and it influenced my later fascination with history. It also deepened my bond with my brother. Many have said an 8 and a half year age difference must have made it difficult for us to build a relationship, but it is shows like Quantum Leap that helped that to develop. He taught me about the scientific theories of time-travel as it related to the show. He explained the conspiracy theories of JFK’s death and the importance of John Lennon. Some of the best memories of my childhood are with my brother in our living room watching Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Sliders, SG-1, and SeaQuest DSV. Those moments helped make me who I am and, no matter what, I will treasure those moments and these shows forever.

Quantum Leap on IMDB

Quantum Leap on NBC

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Top Five: Apps for iPhone

I don’t know about all of you, but my phone is always with me. No matter your opinion about whether this is what will lead to the end of civilization or not, it is a fact of life that most of us live this way. We use our phones for everything. We use them for work and play, productivity and goofing around, shopping and paying bills. While we all have many apps (maybe too many at times) there are those that we always jump to. Our most used apps. Here is a list of the top five apps I use and why. Why did I choose five? Seemed like a manageable number. Why iPhone and not Android? Because… Apple.

5. Wunderlist

What makes it a top app: I’ve written about Wunderlist before. I used to use Todoist, another good task app, but Wunderlist’s versatility is what attracted me to it and what keeps me using the service. The ability to keep lists separate and have sub-tasks, notes and attachments makes this service one of the most useful task managers. Not to mention the fact that you can access it on the web, which is great for my day-job, too.

Why number five: I use the app a lot and it is a quick interface that makes it simple and fast. It is just a very smooth experience. That being said, I don’t use it more than a couple of times a day from my phone. I use the Mac app or website far more often.

4. 1Password

What makes it a top app: Nowadays every site has a password. This leaves you with two options: first, use the same password which makes you extremely vulnerable to hackers, or you can get 1Password. It keeps everything in one, secure place. It is easy to use and touch ID makes it even easier. I currently only store passwords, but you have the option to store secure notes, credit cards and other identity information as well.

Why number four: The app is easy to use with a simple and straight to the point interface. I use it at least once a day, if not more, and don’t even have the Mac app.

3. Fantastical

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.06.53 PM.png

What makes it a top app: One of the main reasons we all keep our phones on us is to stay organized. Wunderlist helps with tasks, 1Password keeps us sane and Fantastical keeps us on schedule. Fantastical has a reliable calendar and multiple view options. My favorite part of the app is the ability to simple write something like “doctor’s appointment at 5pm on Monday for 30 minutes” and it will put in a doctor’s appointment at 5pm to 5:30pm on Monday, April 25th. Simple. 

Why number three: Fantastical keeps me on time and I use it all day. I have it linked to Google, where I keep my personal and website related events, and my Outlook, for work. I very rarely, if ever, have a problem using the app. The iPad one is great, too, and they recently added new features to the Mac app.

2. Citymapper

What makes it a top app: Citymapper is most-often the first app I open in the morning. It keeps me on time and is very versatile. The app is a great service for anyone who commutes or uses public transit to get around your city. Citymapper is continuously adding new cities and currently supports commuters in 31 cities around the world; including Boston, Hong Kong, New York, Rome and Tokyo.

Why number two: It is the first app I open in the morning and you know you have a good app on your hands when you feel lost without it in bad signal areas on the subway.

1. Overcast

What makes it a top app: I love podcasts. I used to use the Apple podcast player and tried a few others over the years. Nothing beats Overcast’s interface and reliability. There are also many cool features, including, my favorite, Smart Speed and the ability to adjust the speed beyond that. The app even tracks how much time you have saved from using Smart Speed. I have been using the app for all of my podcast listening for a little over a year and have saved 59 hours. The app is always being kept up to date and recently added a patron option allowing you to support the app. This comes with a couple of cool features, including the dark theme for the interface.

Why number one: If Citymapper is the first app I open, Overcast is typically the second. Unlike Citymapper, which I may not use 7 days a week, I use Overcast every day. I currently subscribe to 35 podcasts and I only use this app to listen to them. 

So that’s the top five iPhone apps. There are a couple of honorable mentions, however. I use Reeder almost daily for RSS, but use the Mac app more. I also like Quartz for some light news consumption.


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Official Teaser Trailer Released

It has arrived! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is here. Well, almost here. 

The teaser trailer for the prequel to Star Wars: A New Hope was released this week and it looks awesome. One of the most fundamental components of the original Star Wars trilogy was the obtaining of the plans for the Death Star. This mission received a few mentions in A New Hope and a brief blurb in the opening scroll for the film. While there has always been fan speculation of what happened and how, nothing has ever been solidified within the official universe. So, it goes without saying that this movie has a big reputation to live up to. This adds to the fact that it is outside the “standard” Star Wars mold of a trilogy. 

After the success of The Force Awakens, the Disney-owned Star Wars franchise is continuing with the strong female lead in the form of Felicity Jones playing Jyn Erso. Jyn is a rebel without a cause kind of character here and there is absolutely some tension with respect to the circumstances around her role within the mission to obtain the plans and within the rebellion as a whole. It will be interesting to see how her role plays out, especially since we need to believe in her as a character and, hopefully, as someone to root for. All fans love a hero. One wonders if Jyn is, in fact, our hero in this movie. The trailer also begins to introduce us to other new characters, who may or may not be part of Jyn’s team. 

What do I like about this trailer? The fact that it doesn’t really feel like a pointless teaser telling me the movie will exist at some point, which can be the potential issue with teasers as a concept. It gives us a taste of the story. Let’s hope that subsequent trailers don’t give away too much of the story.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes to theaters December 2016.


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Review: The Adventures of Merlin - A must watch.

In 2008 the BBC premiered a show which promised to show viewers where it all began. Where the legends and myths lead way to tales of honor and magic. The tale of King Arthur, and the sorcerer Merlin, is an old one. As a child, I read the books, watched the movies. As a teenager, I was fascinated and delved deeper in to the mythos that is Arthur and Merlin. The Once and Future King, by T.H. White remains one of my favorite books of all time. All of the movies, cartoons, and books focused on Arthur. The boy who became king because of sword and a stone. The allure of The Adventures of Merlin is that the focus is on Merlin. His perspective, his complexities. Of course, Merlin is a show that diverged from the more widely accepted mythos behind the tale of Arthur. Despite that, it fits beautifully into the stories and myths behind the legendary duo. Elements from the historic legends remain present in this telling of Merlin and Arthur.

Truth be told, I did not watch the show when it first aired and cannot for the life of me explain why. Thanks to Netflix, I have watched the entire series from start to finish and will say that I missed out on experiencing it the first time. The Adventures of Merlin is a must watch for any fan of the legends and myths of King Arthur, Merlin and Knights of the Round Table. The youthful perspective demonstrated in this show is refreshing rather than off-putting, as can sometimes happen in a youthful retelling of an iconic legend. While it tells the stories of their adventures it encompasses all of the elements we value in the original stories. We see the formation of the Round Table and the love story of Arthur and Guinevere. The evil Morgana and Mordred are both present and add to the rollercoaster of emotions this show brings out of it’s viewers. While there is a great deal of action and swordplay there is also an element of playfulness about the show. In a single episode you can go from laughing to crying to cheering and it all fits together beautifully. This review has intentionally omitted spoilers because you should enjoy it for yourself and enjoy the moments for the first time, though you may find yourself with a sense of familiarity from the stories and legends of your childhood.



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Weekend Update (Issue #2)

New App I’m Using: Notes

Like everyone who has had an iPhone I have dabbled in the Notes app from the beginning. It just never offered the things I needed most in a note-taking app. After trying many alternatives, I eventually settled on Evernote for all of my note taking needs because of the syncing functionality. When the Notes app was updated recently I was still pretty skeptical. After hearing some good things about the app I began testing the functionality of the app with regard to syncing and the ability to add quick notes, something that Evernote is not as good for. I have been using it all week for my quick notes and for working on blog outlines. I have to say I am impressed. The simplicity is great for those quick notes and for the ease of syncing.

My issue with Evernote is that while it is still a great app for storing information and keeping track of things, it has become complicated. There are a lot of great functions within Evernote but the main thing that keeps me there is the syncing, the various options for notes (which are particularly useful for work) and ability to access from a PC (which I use for work) without much difficulty and a with a nice interface. I keep a lot of lists and notes that I regularly update for work and need the access on a PC. At first, I thought it would be complicated with using both apps, but I have really been able to easily work the Notes app into my workflow. I think it is the simplicity of the interface and the ease of syncing that allows for that. I recommend giving the updated Notes app a try.

New Show: Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands, a new show in the Sunday line-up of AMC, premiered last week. This show is good and has the potential to be great. There are absolutely some corny parts but it goes with the territory of this type of show. The martial arts sequences are everything you would expect; well executed and extremely choreographed. But, that’s all forgivable because the post-apocalyptic storyline and cool visuals are worth it. I highly recommend watching Into the Badlands. At least, give it a try if you are the least bit interested because it offers a lot of potential.

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Weekend Update (Issue 1)

It has been a while since I have stayed on the regular schedule for the blog. I am sorry for that. Now that my life and day-to-day schedule has begun to normalize I can start to get back to a normal schedule again. What better way to get back to the fun stuff than adding a new segment. This is the debut of the Weekend Update. I’ll cover new apps I’m trying, shows, movies, news and more.

“New” App of the Week: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is far from a new app but it is new to me. Up until a week or so ago I was a firm believer in Todoist, which is still a good app. A coworker suggested Wunderlist would be worth a try. I have been actively using it for a week and it has been an easy transition. When you are moving to a new app that holds your professional, personal and blogging life, you want it to be as easy as possible. The different features took a little while to get used to but once I did, it was great.

There are a lot of great features in Wunderlist. It, of course, has a lot of the usual features in to-do apps; separate projects, due dates, reminders and so on. But, it also has more available for free, but you can pay for more features, it has great Mac, PC and iOS apps along with a easy to use website, and it has great personalization features. Why are the personalization features important? Well, if you are going to work on something that will be so much a part of your daily life don’t you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and something that just makes life simpler? That is the whole point of productivity apps like Wunderlist: simplicity, so you can get back to doing the things you love and don’t get bogged down in the complicated systems that can sometimes take over you life.

Wunderlist is available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. This versatility only adds to it’s appeal. I highly recommend you give Wunderlist a try for your task management needs.

Tech News Round Up:

There have been some great things going on in technology this week; including the iPad Pro, Apple TV and Twitter’s new updates. Here are some links to great stories/reviews:

The MacStories iPad Pro Review:

The Verge Apple TV Review:

Mashable’s Coverage of Twitter’s Hearts:


Star Wars The Force Awakens has a new TV spot: 

Into The Badlands series premiere, tonight after The Walking Dead: 

In music: I love soundtracks! This blog post was written to the sounds of the awesome John Williams’ Hook soundtrack.

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Agents of Shield New Episode Review - Laws of Nature (3.1)

It’s finally here; a new season of Agents of Shield! This season started off with one of the best episodes this show has ever had. One of the things I absolutely love about this show is how it is highly interpretive. This episode, for instance, is comparable to the mythology around the Pheonix. A Pheonix is alone in this world and when it perishes in a flash of flames rises anew from the ashes. Our characters are all fighting their own battles in the wake of last season’s revelations and challenges. Shield, much like both Daisy/Skye and Coulson, is rising from the ashes of it’s demise and becoming new and regenerated.



Life and Love

So much of Agents of Shield deals with the lives of our characters. Of course there is the awesome special effects and the brand new establishing shots we got for this season, but the writers are always exceptional at making us care about the personal lives and stories of our characters. This show is as much a character show as it is a comic book show that has become the glue for the Marvel Universe. Life and love are always an important part of the episodes of Agents of Shield, and this episode was no different. Hunter and Bobbie are still having troubles and for the majority of the episode Hunter is going out of his way to avoid any interactions with Bobbie, no matter what. At the end of the episode we find out that they have been continuing their relationship in both the romantic and physical realms and his awkwardness was a result of her asking for her wedding band back. Some might say this isn’t important but the meaning behind this storyline is very important.


Life, in this episode, is first addressed by our new character, Joey, after he is rescued from a black-ops team by Skye and Mack at the beginning of the episode. These first few minutes of this episode set the stage for where our characters are right now. Joey has an existential crisis after Mack and Skye, now going by Daisy, reveal he can not go back to his life and will need to adapt to being an Inhuman. What we also find out at this point is that the water supply and global marine life are contaminated. They are therefore sparking a significant increase in Inhuman transformations, or Biomorphic Events. Daisy has fully embraced her Inhuman self and her role in the new world that is unfolding, unlike Lincoln who we find out is less than accepting of his Inhuman self than he once was and is just trying to live a “normal life”.

Death, Fear and Rebirth

There have been a lot of endings in the Marvel Universe recently; the demise of Shield being the most notable. Now that Shield has taken on a protective role over the Inhumans coming in to existence, Shield is a symbol of rebirth. Daisy has been reborn from Skye to Daisy. Lincoln believes he needs to be reborn in to a new life. Bobbie has taken on a more scientific role, utilizing her many degrees. One might suggest that Coulson is a prime example of rebirth but he is not. He is still dealing with the demons of his death, TAHITI and the loss of his hand is a significant representation of all of that. The deepness of his demons and his fear was represented in his conversation with our new “villain” Rosalind, the person in charge of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU).


One of the most significant examples of fear and death in this episode is the introduction of Lash, from the Inhumans comics. The Lash storyline is perfectly introduced to the television audience with as little detail as possible to keep people guessing. This is perfect for the portion of the audience not familiar with the comics. While less detail was the way to go in the case of Lash, it is a bit unfortunate that there isn’t more in the Fitzs and Simmons situation. We did learn some things: Fitz is obsessed with looking for Simmons and clues to the monolith, Simmons has been missing with no word since the end of last season, and, now, we find out that Simmons is on another planet. At appears that after her incident with the monolith she was transported through some kind of portal to another planet. She is terrified when we see her at the end of the episode. But, what does she fear? who?



Thanks for reading! This season looks like it is going to be a good one and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Check out the blog for more geek news and reviews at and follow me on Twitter at @zonezerogeek for updates and live-tweeting.

(Photos are from the Agents of Shield Twitter account)

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Killjoys New Episode Review - The Sugar Point Run

Sometimes the season premieres of shows can be so good that they are too good to be true and future episodes don’t live up to the high standard. That is not the case for Syfy Channel’s new series, Killjoys! Tonight’s new episode, The Sugar Point Run, is the second and it continues the awesome momentum that was started with the series premiere.


The Company and Sugar Point

The premise of this episode was that Dutch is being required to take a warrant in the form of a prisoner exchange. The Company has had Simon, the brother of a gang leader, in prison and is being demanded in exchange for the daughter of an important member of The Company. We find out that Simon’s sister isn’t doing it for the family, she is doing for information he is holding inside of him. This information would provide launch codes for a deadly missile aimed at Old Town. D’Avin proves himself and his worth by being vital in the rescue effort and destruction of Simon’s sister and the missile. 

One thing I am really loving about this show is that while it is extremely unique it has elements of some of the greatest, though at times underrated, shows of our time; namely Firefly. Music, set design, background and more are all components that feel familiar though not a copy. That is a fine line for a show to walk and, so far, Killjoys is doing good job of it. Even the story of the role of The Company within the Quad and the Quad itself have some of those characteristics. I love a show that can make me feel at home without making me feel like I have seen this before. I just hope that they don’t cross the line they are balancing on.

Johnny and Dutch and….D’Avin

In this episode, we see the relationships within the show take shape and further develop. We learn more and more about the established relationships and a bit about the new ones that are emerging. First we have Johnny and Dutch as the dynamic duo. As Johnny put it, “she’s my partner…my boss…” and that perfectly describes another fine line the storyline is walking internally. There are times where they seem like equals in many ways but others where it is clear who is running the show. Dutch has a protective role for Johnny, as we see that she put extra security measures in place. She also demonstrates this in her conversation with D’Avin about where he is going to go and the impact his disappearance would have on Johnny.

Speaking of Dutch and D’Avin, they are slowly beginning to grow on one another. Dutch seems like the type who takes a long time to come around to new people, so this is positive. They work well together in Sugar Point and she even gives him the opportunity to take the lead on the mission. Her opinion ultimately leads to her suggestion that he become a Killjoy. He instantly agrees and everything seems fine. Johnny, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as happy as the others. Not sure if this is fear that D’Avin would replace him for Dutch or that he knows something about his brother that we do not. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Dutch’s Training

One thing about Killjoys that is really appealing is strong female lead in the form of Dutch. She is so powerful and Hannah John-Kamen commands the role. Dutch is a hard-skinned and powerful force on the show. She is also quiet and restrained. In the series premiere, we began to see a bit about Dutch’s past and her training. This episode brought a lot more of that. We see the first time she killed at a young age. We still haven’t learned some of the key details of her upbringing and the details surrounding it but I am glad to see that they are moving that storyline along quickly.

Until next week… “The Warrant is All”.


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Killjoys Series Premiere Review - Bangarang

The series premiere of Killjoys on Syfy channel was appropriately named Bangarang, because it started out with a bang. The show, which is set in a slightly futuristic version of a universe with a dark side, similar to that of Firefly, captivated viewers very quickly. The show’s hour long premiere truly flew by and left its newly minted fans asking for more.


New Blood for Syfy Channel

Killjoys is set in a galaxy called The Quad, which is ruled over by a “mega-corp” known simply as The Company. The Company controls everything and has immense power over everything from land rites to mining. It also handles it’s internal security on all of the planets of The Quad. The only autonomous entity in The Quad is the RAC, or Reclamation Apprehension Coalition, which has the code among its members of “The Warrant is All”. Essentially, they are bounty hunters. They get a warrant, claim it, deliver the person(s) in the form in which they are requested… dead or alive. It is apparent that there are some strange things happening within the RAC, The Company and among our main characters: Johnny, Dutch and D’Avin. This episode was exactly what a series premiere should be; it didn’t treat us like we were stupid but still did enough explaining to get us hooked and develop a decent storyline in less than sixty minutes.

Syfy Channel seems to be on the right track recently, with the development of many new shows that bring all of us back to the roots of some great science fiction. This show is no different. It gives us action, conflict, a mystery and a little comedy. There are some aesthetic similarities to the short-lived cult-favorite, series, Firefly (not Syfy). This will draw a lot of people in. It also has some smoothness to it’s storyline, so far, similar to that of Warehouse 13 and other hit Syfy shows. Speaking of Warehouse 13, I am very happy to see Aaron Ashmore continue on Syfy Channel. He had a great character on Warehouse 13 and his new character, Johnny, seems just as dynamic and interesting, if not more.

The Episode

While much of the episode was focused on setting up the various storylines for our main characters and the other dynamics of The Quad, the episode did have a captivating storyline. The focus of this episode was on the reuniting of Johnny (Ashmore) and his brother D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane). These two have a major disconnect within their family. We learn that it has been eight years since they have seen each other and now D’Avin has a kill warrant against him. That is where Johnny and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) come in. They are Killjoys for the RAC, or bounty hunters. Dutch out-ranks Johnny and is authorized for kill warrants, though she chooses to not take them on. Johnny takes on the warrant for D’Avin by pretending Dutch is okay with it, which she, of course, isn’t happy about. 

We find out that D’Avin is being targeted by a warrant from The Company, but that he is not their goal. Their goal is a resistance fighter/monk who stole a data chip from them. In order for Johnny and Dutch to clear D’Avin they must find the monk and get the chip and/or him to The Company. In the process, we find out that Dutch has a troublesome past with regard to training to kill as a young child. We also see more of The Quad; from the dark mines and city to the colorful and bright wealth. There is a clear class separation within The Quad, which is apparently perpetuated by The Company. D’Avin and Johnny are able to recover the chip from the monk, after D’Avin shoots him in the head, and pass it along to The Company.


Overall this episode was really great, especially for a series premiere. At one point, I completely forgot it was a series premiere and felt like I not only knew the characters but was comfortable with all of the dynamics within the show’s universe. There was a lot of character development and we begin to think: “I want to know what the red box is.” or “What happened to D’Avin in the war.”. It is very good when a show is so quickly captivating and you can become to invested in the characters and their relationships. There is something nostalgic and, perhaps, a bit comforting about a series like this. It provides the escape many sci-fi fans look for and the pure entertainment that takes you out of reality and into a world where you can fully invest yourself for an hour a week, or more. I look forward to seeing if the series can keep this going and become an important part of the Syfy Channel line-up.

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