Marvel Update - Jon Bernthal Cast as Frank Castle

That’s right Walking Dead fans! Jon Bernthal, Shane himself, has been cast in the upcoming season of Daredevil on Netflix as Frank Castle a.k.a. the Punisher. This is a pretty awesome development for both the show and Bernthal. It’s always nice to see the actors you love get awesome roles and Jon Bernthal is a really great actor. His last few episodes of The Walking Dead truly demonstrated that and his…interesting… performance in the Wolf of Wall Street further demonstrated his versatility as an actor. Bernthal as Frank Castle is really interesting dynamic. The Punisher is one of Marvel’s darkest characters and seeing Bernthal take on that role just makes sense. I have to say I’m eager to see what he will bring to the hit Netflix series in 2016.

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WWDC 2015 - Keynote Highlights

WWDC is the Apple developer event that all Apple fans follow closely. This is when we get the information on the new operating systems and technologies from the company we love. Apple has seamless showmanship at this event and it was in true Apple fashion that it demonstrated some of the great things it has in store for us in the coming months. The entire keynote was exciting and interesting, but here are some of the highlights.

OS X El Capitan

One of the first things we learned today was how well received Yosemite has been, with a 55% adoption rate. This is very high for any operating system, as was demonstrated when compared to the very low adoption rate for the most recent Windows operating system. One of the biggest allures of Apple and OS X is that it is simple and easy to use. The features are intuitive and it continues to evolve to users needs. Apple has decided to continue to develop for the use patterns of Mac users in the newest incarnation of OS X - El Capitan.

El Capitan will have a host of awesome new features, from the looks of the keynote. The new features include an updated Safari with pinning abilities, Spotlight search with more bells and whistles, enhanced Mission Control, increased gaming abilities and a long-desired split view feature. Apple has been breaking the mold when it comes to OS development. Rather than going back to the drawing board every other year, they continue to improve and enhance the OS X framework that we all know and love. While there are some things that we may not like, overwhelmingly, OS X is an amazing example of what an OS should be. El Capitan promises to be a great next generation in that line. El Capitan is open to developers now, a beta in July and a full release in the Fall of 2015.

iOS 9 and the Update for the iPad

The development of iOS for iPhone and iPad is always highly anticipated and comes with great advancements for both platforms. However, at times, it has always seemed that the improvements are focused on the iPhone far more than the iPad. This is not the case in iOS 9. While the iPhone will have many advancements in iOS 9, the iPad finally gets a feature I, among tons of others, have been screaming for: multi-tasking split screen abilities. The Split View will be a huge step forward for those, like myself, who do a lot of productivity based tasks on their iPads. This is, by far one of the biggest elements I am looking forward to in iOS 9.

iOS 9 will also bring about many new features and updated ones. First, we will get a news app from Apple which will rival Flipboard. As a regular user of Flipboard, I am skeptical about the need for this, though the interface looks appealing. Notes and Maps will also see a new and, hopefully, improved update. The migration of users to these apps will be limited, I predict. I use Evernote has my go to notes app and Google Maps as my GPS. A lot of users are like that and I’m not sure they are going to switch anytime soon. As a huge fan of Apple, the fact alone that they are Apple products still isn’t enough. Overall, iOS 9 looks to have a lot of great features to look forward to.

Apple Music

One of the most highly anticipated announcements at today’s keynote was the introduction of Apple Music; Apple’s new streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify and, the new, Tidal. I don’t like the concept of Tidal having not free to listen option, because they aren’t really making it about the music being accessible. I love Spotify, however, and wonder how Apple Music will compete. From the looks of it, today, there is a lot of cool stuff packed into this program, which will be released at the end of the month with iOS 8.4, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And, later, for Android.

In addition to the iOS device updates with Apple Music, iTunes will also be updated with the feature built in. There are great features in Apple Music. The ones you’d expect are there; including recommendations, customization, curation and artist collaboration. Of course, Apple must take it one step further and adds in increased interaction through Connect for artists to post behind the scenes features. There will also be the ability for unsigned artists to reach the masses. 

The pricing structure is also appealing. First, Apple is giving the first three months of Apple Music for free to all users. Then, it will be $9.99 a month for individual users or $14.99/month for family accounts with up to six users. All six of these users will have their own recommendations and customization. Apple Music goes beyond Apple’s, Pandora style, iTunes Radio and truly incorporates some nice new features and the existing elements present in the Beats app it recently acquired.


WWDC is still going on and I am sure we are in store for a lot more cool stuff out of the event. Apple never ceases to amaze us all. One disappointment, however, was no Apple TV news. There have been reports that Apple was having problems getting channels on board with a new structure but I am in agreement with those saying “can’t we just get new hardware?”. Aside from that Apple has done great with this Keynote, which of course ran over its time, per the norm. Can’t wait to see what else WWDC has in store for us.

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App Review - Charity Miles

This is going to be a new, weekly, post on the blog to review some of the greatest and, perhaps at times, not so great. Hope you enjoy.



What is Charity Miles?

Charity Miles is a free app for iPhone and Android which allows people to turn their walking, running or cycling into corporate sponsorships for a host of non-profit organizations. These funds are raised for every mile walked, ran or biked. For walking or running (or you can skip or hop…) it is $.25 a mile and for biking it is $.10 a mile. The app uses GPS to detect your mileage. Once you complete your walk, run or bike ride you are asked to confirm and accept your sponsorship and then can share it on social media.

They are constantly adding new organizations to fundraise for and sponsors change as well. These organizations include the Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimer’s Association, Pencils of Promise and more. Some of the sponsorship partners have included companies like Timex, Humana and Johnsons & Johnsons. 

Get or Not?

Get it! I love this app. I love the concept, the interface (which has been updated many times since it’s release three years ago), and the team behind it all. When the Boston Marathon bombings took place they were a support system for many people and allowed their users to submit entries for their blog, as an outlet for emotions. On both the Google Play store and iPhone App store, the app is highly reviewed. I have used the app when taking walks and runs and have never had a problem with lost signal or app crashes. It has a smooth interface that is appealing and easy to use for all levels of users. The option to choose for a wide variety of charities is great, too. I am a participant in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s for the Alzheimer’s Association and was thrilled when I finally saw them added to the app, not long ago. 

Having used Charity Miles on both my old Galaxy Nexus and my iPhone 5s, I do prefer it on the iPhone but I am, admittedly, more of an Apple person. The app is free on both platforms, so I would strongly recommend giving it a try, especially if you are someone who does a lot of outdoor activity. It is a great way to feel like those miles you are clocking are doing more than burning calories.


Charity Miles Website:

Charity Miles on Twitter: @charitymiles

iPhone App Store:

Google Play Store:


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Coming Soon: Jurassic World

On June 12th, Jurassic World will be released in the United States, 22 years after the initial events of Jurassic Park, which already spawned two sequels. Jurassic World’s highly anticipated release can be a sign of the times we are in, with many franchises considering or embarking on reboots, sequels, and prequels. It can also be a sign, as some have argued, that Hollywood is running out of ideas. I don’t agree with this. I think that there are many stories which were unfinished for fans and we are getting the opportunity to revisit it and, in the case of Fantastic Four (and others) re-do it.

Agents of Shield New Episode Review - Scars

Had to miss a couple of episodes, but back on track now with a great new episode last week from Agents of Shield. Scars had a little bit of everything we have come to love from our favorite Marvel team-up…well, maybe second favorite… okay… close tie with the Avengers. On to the review….


Age of Ultron and the Theta Protocol

This episode was promised to tie-in with the recently released addition to the Marvel cinematic universe, Avengers: Age of Ultron. It did just that and, as many on Twitter were arguing, it did it far better than it did for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It felt seamless and worked really well the rest of the storyline. The episode starts off with a flashback to Coulson and Theta Protocol; which, as we found out in Age of Ultron, included a helicarrier. How do you hide something that big? Seriously?

Jump forward to the present and we are seeing the impact that has had, with some footage from Age of Ultron. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get more mention of Nick Fury in this episode, considering Coulson thought he was dead. We do get acknowledgement from Gonzales that Coulson and Fury had this plan all along but not much beyond that. I guess since there was so much to fit into this episode (the last before the season finale) they didn’t want to fill it up with superfluous storyline. Something for next season, perhaps? 


Loyalty is a common thing in Agents of Shield. It is a binder for the characters; this sense of belonging and duty and obligation. We have seen many loyalties tested, since the show began, and many which have dissolved and reappeared. Fitzsimmons had a lot of turmoil earlier in the season but are seeming to come back together and becoming the dynamic duo we all know and love. Ward showed his true colors to us all and his back-stabbing ways were evermore present in this episode, with the help of a double-crossing Agent 33. Even Bobbi is starting to questions Gonzales’ ways and is beginning to move closer to Coulson, while May is moving farther away. Let’s not forget Mack, who has decided to resign from the more unified Shield because he can’t bring himself to work with Coulson and his Tahiti past.

Skye is the one who’s loyalties are being most tested now. She has a devotion to Coulson akin to a father-daughter relationship but has discovered her true nature and past, and her future. She has found a place to belong and her mother. She is even beginning to care for Cal. Her connection the May has been strained in the wake of everything that has happened and the new information Skye has on May’s past. This episode showed Skye further identifying with her people, the Inhumans, and even references “our ancestors called themselves Inhumans” as a way to further solidify her identity to Coulson. She will do nearly anything for her people, but how far are her people willing to go for their freedom to stay away from Shield?

RIP Gonzales

Raina’s gift proves to not have changed her con-woman ways. She seems to even trick Gordon until Jai-ying reveals he has been a double-agent all along. However, Raina’s powers were able to warn Jai-ying of the impending arrival of Shield to the Afterlife, which helped them prepare accordingly. Gonzales meets with Jai-ying to discuss registering Inhumans and living “peacefully”. She tricks him into breathing in the mist, which ultimately kills him. In order to seem the victim, knowing she would heal no matter what, she shoots herself with his gun. This will further solidify the idea that all Inhumans, whom Jai-ying leads, will stay away from Shield and could, potentially, lead to further conflict…. hint??


Tomorrow’s episode is the season finale and it comes just after the announcement that Agents of Shield has been renewed for another season, along with Agent Carter. Can’t wait to see what will be in store for us for these two shows and, first, tomorrow’s amazing looking finale!

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Helix Cancelled!

Syfy Channel’s amazing series, Helix, has been cancelled after just two season. It is a really sad day to all who love the show. The storylines, especially this season, were amazing and the show-runners knew exactly how to engage with the audience. I mean seriously… the music! 

According the The Hollywood Reporter, Helix, which was produced by Sony, lost a significant number of viewers over the course of season two. Personally, I think that season two was even better than season one, with all of its twists and turns keeping fans guessing at the edges of their couches every week. 

We have seen this sort of thing from Syfy before. They go full force with a show when it has a successful season but the moment they see it dwindling they start to second guess it. Syfy is a great channel but they are too quick to cancel shows sometimes. The only thing we need to wonder now is what will take Helix’s place in the line up?

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Great New Movies...

With the approaching release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we are all gearing up for what is shaping up to be a great summer for geek film. We are also seeing the increasing release of trailers and teasers for what we can expect.

This all started with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens second teaser a couple of weeks ago, that had fans around the world screaming for joy! In stark contrast, we had the release of the Batman vs Superman trailer, released to what seemed like far less joy. Clearly fans are still not happy about some of the choices that DC is making with the potentially great story. This is the opposite side of the coin in the comic book film realm when compared to Marvel. Not only do we have Age of Ultron being released at the end of this week, kicking of the summer box office in style, but we also have the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot and Ant-Man. Both of these have been met with huge support from fans. And, let’s be honest, fans drive this industry almost more than any other. If the fans are not behind you then you will likely have a flop. Case in point… 2006′s Superman Returns.

Today we see the Marvel vs. DC in full view with the release of a first look at X-Men Apocalypse’s Nightcrawler (shared on which already had people psyched on Twitter. Even though the movie isn’t set to be released just yet, it is still sparking a lot of positive conversation Will DC be able to catch up to the very well established fan based that supports the growing Marvel Cinematic Universe? What does it say that something as awesome as Batman vs. Superman got a muted sort of response? Lots of questions about the upcoming blockbuster months but one thing is for sure, the front runners will likely be Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Jurassic World.


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Agents of Shield New Episode Review - Afterlife and Melinda

This week we have another double episode review for Marvel’s Agents of Shield. Both Afterlife and Melinda were great episodes and wonderful additions to the shows second season, as it moves along.



This episode started off where the previous one left off. We see that Gordon has brought Skye to some kind of training facility, which we learn is a type of sanctuary for those who have gone through the mist. Much of this part of the episode focuses on Skye and her transitioner, Lincoln, who explains the place they are in, also known as the Afterlife. We also learn that typically there must be approval but that Skye “skipped the line” which has made her a point of controversy. Raina, we find out, is also at the Afterlife where she is having a much more difficult time coping with her change. She sees herself as a monster and has a deep-rooted hatred for Skye and how the change impacted her. Also joining the party is Cal, who is locked up by Gordon. I loved the way this whole part of the story is playing out and continues to play out in the next episode, Melinda. Especially once we find out that Skye’s trainer will be her mother, who is alive and well in the Afterlife.

The other major storyline going on in the show is the Shield versus Shield battle. This is truly testing the limits of everyone on Coulson’s team and has all of the fans second guessing what we thought we knew about them. Hunter and Coulson have teamed up to regroup and find out whats going on. Mack and Fitz get into an argument and Fitz, ultimately, decides to leave Shield and Simmons decides to stay and help. But, we are glad to announce that Fitzsimmons is back! Simmons is being a double-agent and Fitz is going to find Coulson.


Who doesn’t love Agent Melinda May? She is one of the best characters on the show and I am so happy they decided to develop her character’s past even more. We knew she had been married but we found out in this episode that seven years ago she was still married and on the road to starting a family. She had a very positive disposition and a dynamic personality. We finally found out that her colder disposition is related to an event that earned her the nickname of the Cavalry. The episode flips back and forth between the seven years earlier and the present. We find out towards the end of the episode that what happened with May seven years earlier is connected to a decision that Skye’s mother made. Jailing, Skye’s mother, made a decision to pass the gift on to a little girl and allow her to go through the change. The girl’s mother had her go through the change anyway and, mixed with the girl’s existing psychological problems she became unmanageable. During a stand-off with the girl’s mother, May finds out the girl is the cause of multiple deaths and has not choice but to take her out. This event changes May forever and she is dealing with the pain of it to this very day.

The Shield versus Shield fight is still going in full force. Speaking of Agent May, she has now been convinced to work with the other Shield and is now beginning to second guess Phil, her longtime boss and friend. She is presented with Phil’s big picture, Theta Protocol, and the fact that he is continuing to work extensively with Deadlock. They want Fury’s toolbox, which they do not know is with Fitz who, at the end of the episode, is able to unlock it.


There are a lot of moving parts in Agents of Shield right now. Skye, Jiaying and Cal have had their family meal, but what does this mean for them in the future? Raina appears to have premonitions as her power, as discovered by Lincoln. Will he tell her? Is May going to turn on Coulson? How long will there be this war of words between the two Shields?


Thanks for reading! Next week’s episode looks great and I’m sure they have more cool stuff in store for us for the rest of the season.

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The Walking Dead - Scott Gimple, He Who Knows All


“Every eight episodes this show becomes a new show.” - Scott Gimple, Executive Producer on The Walking Dead.

Is that statement true? Absolutely! If not, more often than that. AMC released a brief YouTube video about what the cast members think about season six, coming in October, of The Walking Dead. Simply put, they have no idea. The only thing they all agree on is that Scott Gimple knows and he won’t say anything about it. He keeps everyone guessing from the fans to Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus. 

We know that the show has taken some interesting directions. There are a lot of twists and turns the show has taken and more the show can take. Will they stay in Alexandria? How far are the Wolves? What will be the result of Deanna and Rick’s choice? Will Morgan continue to be good or go back to his tense ways?Is it all just the calm before the storm?

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Helix New Episode Review - O Brave New World

The title of this week’s episode of Helix says it all. It was a true game changer for the series and we are really in a brave new world now. As the season two finale, it hit all of the notes it should; it was action packed, dramatic, gave us questions and answered a lot too. There are so many things we all still want to know and this episode was just amazing at leaving us begging for more. Let’s get to it… because there is a lot to get to.


Alan’s Relationships

Alan has a hard time with relationships. We kind of saw this last season but this came out in full force this season. Despite his internal struggles and coming to terms with the aftermath of Arctic Biosystems he has had some difficulties, which get portrayed and rounded out in this episode. He has become so blinded by the mission he has created for himself that he can’t even focus on his unborn child or the fact that Kyle is ready to arrest him. This goes back to something I have said before; Alan is a man who needs a mission. He needs goals and no matter what he will continue to cause trouble for himself. While his actions may be noble, he has many faults surrounding his motives.

First, Alan’s relationship with his ex-wife, Julia, is far from normal. He clearly cares for her given everything he has done, yet aims a gun at her at the end of the last episode. Speaking of that stand-off, we find out at the beginning of this episode that it was, in fact, Julia who shot Alan in order to be able to take the fungus from Mother. They have a bit of a heart-to-heart in the episode but have a really difficult time seeing eye-to-eye. He ends up sneaking off, with the fungus, and attempts to burn down the remaining amount of Mother. It is at this point Alan’s second troubled relationships shows up; his brother, Peter. 

The Best Sibling Rivalry…Ever

All siblings fight in some way or another. No one quite fights like Alan and Peter Farragut. We have seen their strained relationship since the start of season one. This season their rivalry has been even more evident. In the season finale, however, it all gets wrapped up nicely for us. When Alan goes to destroy Mother, Peter confronts him with a very large gun. Rather than shooting him, Peter decides to hit him with it and then give us a nice monologue about the meaning of family and how the Abbey and his followers are his family and that Alan is not. Peter/Eli then sets Mother on fire himself, thereby explaining the reason for the state of the Abbey 30 years in the future. This was a two birds/one stone thing for Peter/Eli; kill Alan and Mother at the same time. 

The Burning Down of the Abbey

Since the start of the season we have seen many flashes of the Abbey 30 years in the future, but have yet to get an explanation. That is until today. We finally find out that it was Peter/Eli who burned down the Abbey in his efforts towards killing Mother (and his brother - see above) and moving towards the world domination that he and Anne have been planning. The more refined details of this plan have yet to be provided to us, but I imagine that it would be a large part of next season. Peter/Eli has been hard to anticipate this entire season, particularly since he took control of the Abbey, with Anne. 

The burning down of the Abbey had other symbolic tones, as well. Landry sacrifices himself after rescuing the baby for Anne. Is this his way of atoning for everything that he had to do for Amy? Does he know that he can not spend eternity in his condition? Speaking of Amy, we found out she survived the acid attack but is as deformed as Landry. She was more insane than ever in this episode; even going as far as using the baby as bait to try and spark an attack on Julia and Sarah by the baby farm women. Overall, the burning of the Abbey was a cleansing action. Cleansing Peter/Eli and Anne of their ties and the past and cleansing the world of Michael’s work. The entire group of CDC and the others get evacuated and taken to the mainland, along with their cure, Olivia.

Who is Caleb?

We got to see the future St. Germain again this episode and finally got some explanations from Caleb, or should we call him Soren? That’s right… Soren is Caleb. He confesses this to Julia after he asks her, again, “Do you know the way to San Jose?”, which we find out is code of her and Alan’s marriage. Caleb/Soren tells Julia that the plague killing immortals (TXM7) was engineered by Hatake and Alan in an attempt to cleanse the world of Ilaria and all immortals. Yes, that means it was also a suicide mission… for both Hatake and Alan. Because, as we find out at the end of the episode, Alan has been made immortal. It isn’t clear if it was to save his life or as a way for Ilaria to try and control him, as they have manipulated Julia with regard to Narvik-C and their lack of any intention to use it. This was a great twist and shows the true darkness and selfishness of Ilaria.

Caleb/Soren was told by Alan and Hatake that his blood was “special” and that his blood can cure TXM7. He gives the cure to Julia who has a change of opinion and begins to view immortality as a kind of plague and says that perhaps TXM7 is the cure. She says that all she wants is to see Alan again. Caleb/Soren smiles as if to hint at something…. maybe where they might pick-up next season? If Alan is immortal, he may still be alive. This whole part says so much about Julia and really added a whole new view to her character. She stops being merely about survival and starts to appear more human, again.

Illaria and the Future

The last part of the episode jumps to an Ilaria facility in the year 2029. There is a women going to get some kind of fertility testing or treatment. She is sent in to the doctor…. at the edge of my seat we find out that it is Sarah, working for Ilaria. A fertility program is appropriate for her after we find out that her baby did not survive. 

The episode ended so well, but all of our characters are very spread out over time and space. It will be really interesting to see where they go with this and how they tie all of these in together. We also still need to find out what happens to Peter/Eli, Anne, Kyle and so on. Many questions and I am still in shock over some of the revelations of tonight’s episode!

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Helix New Episode Review - The Ascendent

Helix is moving along fast as it approaches it’s season finale next week. We got a lot more answers this week, along with many more questions. The character’s are truly developing really well. 


Hello, Eli…

So there is a new leader of the Abbey and it’s followers. Eli, also known as Peter, has gone full psychologically messed up cult leader on us. This was a dramatic shift over the past couple of episodes and probably one of the best elements of this season and its major leaps in character development. That being said, Peter/Eli has become pretty gruesome, which was most evident from the beginning of the episode during an…interesting… sequence. We see two scenes, which cinematically looks pretty good and was cut well. The first scene, was of Peter taking an axe to corpses in a dark part of the Abbey. The second scene, was of Peter showering/having sexual relations with Anne. This does make you wonder how much of his behavioral change is being influenced by Anne. After this part of the episode we see Peter fully transition into Eli. He puts on new clothing, similar to Michael, and his demeanor physically and vocally changes considerably. 

Throughout the episode we see Eli discussing his plans for the Abbey, the island and the world. In the near term, however, his plan is to eliminate his immediate threat… the CDC. This is plan, between him and Anne, is overheard by Olivia, Soren’s mother. She knows this is a bad thing and finally realizes that her stance towards the CDC was all wrong. Television history has shown us that when a character makes such a drastic change, it typically means they will be dying shortly. After Olivia passes this information on to Kyle she is killed by Eli. What is really interesting is that despite the killing of the CDC being Eli’s plan, he is not part of the ‘hunting party’. He is in his/Michael’s office with the first baby of his new order doing a perfect evil character monologue. One of the best lines of the episode, in fact, is in this scene. “Blood is meaningless. Family is everything.” This line is so powerful in it’s simplicity. It resonates throughout the show if you really think about it and it’s familial undertones; Alan and Peter, Sarah and her baby, Julia and Hatake, Olivia and Soren. The only time that Eli gets involved is when Kyle gets an evac and Eli fires a gun at the helicopter as Sarah and Soren are trying to get on.

Alan’s Mind

Similarly to Peter/Eli, Alan has seen a change in his character. While his change has been demonstrated as outwardly as his brother’s he has changed. He began his fight against immortals and Ilaria under the guise of saving something, saving Julia. We see, towards the end of the episode, after finding Mother and figuring out that the fungus that gave Mother it’s power is in the soil and alive he turns on Julia, pointing a gun at her. Backing up for a moment, earlier in the episode Alan and Sarah had a similar confrontation after Alan see’s the child and Sarah reminds him that both her and the baby are immortal. These two confrontations are the climax to Alan’s revenge against Ilaria/immortals, which he is treating as one in the same. He is so blinded by his mission to defeat them that he will do anything to achieve his goals. It appears that, that includes killing the ones he loves most. Or, seemingly loved most.

Sarah’s Growth

Character growth has been an integral part of this season. That’s not to say that we didn’t see it last season. It simply means we have seen drastic shifts that have left all of us with jaws dropped and maybe even cheering. The cheering is what happened when we saw Sarah this episode. She has become complete mother bear with her child and will do anything to save him. This behavior truly manifested towards the end of the episode, when we find out that the tank the baby is being kept alive in is leaking. Sarah finds Anne who shows her the baby farm, or birthing chamber, where the tanks are located. Sarah confronts Anne about what she is seeing and orders her at knife point to release the women. When Anne says she won’t and that she doesn’t believe Sarah will hurt her, Sarah proves her wrong. 

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Agents of Shield New Episode Review - One Door Closes

Tonight’s episode of Agents of Shield kept our jaws dropped to the floor, thinking “huh?”. The whole Shield versus Shield has everyone a bit thrown but makes the storyline all that more interesting. We got some doors closed for us today and a lot more opened… as usual. Overall this episode was really great and there are a lot of key points to go over; so let’s get to it!


Protocol ASTAO6

This episode starts off with more of an explanation for us about how Bobbi and Mack got tangled up in this alternate Shield mess. During the Hydra takeover, Bobbi and Izzy (Lucy Lawless) were given a mission from Fury to rescue Gonzales (Edward James Olmos) and take down his ship, with it’s precious cargo to keep it out of Hydra hands. Mack was the engineer on this ship and that is how he got involved. Gonzales has a very good way of asserting his authority (similar to a commander on a popular sci-fi show called Battlestar Galactica) and quickly develops a following after they took control of the ship, rather than destroy it. 

Bobbi and Izzy understand Fury’s orders as to “save Shield”. Gonzales, and the others, see what they are doing as saving Shield. What doesn’t make sense is that they are following Fury’s orders and then switch to go against what Fury stands for. During Coulson and Gonzales’ heart-to-heart, Gonzales questions Coulson’s “belief” that Hydra brought Shield down. Gonzales is under the impression, it appears, that Fury played a larger role in that and, therefore, Coulson being “created” by Fury is dangerous to the future of Shield. He goes as far as saying that Coulson’s rebirth is dangerous and that those with powers, such as Skye, need to be contained no matter what. In the last episode, Gonzales seems relatively realistic. In this episode, we see there is a certain level of delusion.

Shield vs. Shield

Speaking of delusion… there is an issue throughout history of people blindly following charismatic leaders. In the battle playing out between Shield and the ‘other’ Shield this is the case. Mack and Bobbi are the most evident examples. They are so convinced that the Shield they have built up in their heads is the “real” one that they don’t even want to see reason or logic. They don’t want to see that Coulson was selected by Fury and has all the power and knowledge that goes along with that. The issue I see with this is that Coulson’s Shield is THE Shield and I think that, as far as the writers will push things, they aren’t going to change that. That being said, the storyline is very cool and very entertaining but it is unrealistic for the show. Also, the road they are taking in presenting this to us with the blind following is also a bit unrealistic. Bobbi, for instance, is relatively intelligent and she is not listening to reason and is ready to kill for Gonzales and his Shield.

Skye’s New Home

Skye is at the “retreat” where the Hulk spent some time, which she finds some cool evidence of in the wall. She is continuing to come to terms with her powers and her strained relationship with the various members of the team; namely Simmons. Skye get’s paid a visit by Gordon, who we have seen in other episodes this season. He explains that he has powers and how she is not dangerous as long as she learns her skills. He offers her a new home to come to and be surrounded by others like her. I truly love this part of Agent of Shield’s storyline. The direction this part of the storyline is going is great and is being well developed. It is taking time but good things take time.

Thanks for reading! Next week’s episode looks great and I’m sure they have more cool stuff in store for us for the rest of the season.

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The Walking Dead New Episode Review - Conquer - Season 5 Finale

I am still gasping for air. That season finale was unbelievable and was absolutely the best episode of The Walking Dead. I think we all need to have a petition for 90 minute episodes from now on. Let’s skip all the chatter and get to the review.


The Return of Morgan

This episode brought back Morgan, a long time character of the show who has become a growing fan favorite since his appearance in the first episode. I love seeing them bring Morgan back every once in a while. It is just something about the character that makes him this super impactful element in the show. It was great to see Morgan come back because he always has an interesting influence on Rick. What I loved most about the beginning of this episode was the existential discussion that Morgan had with the Wolf and that we got to see the new fight skills Morgan has developed. He is kind of like a Jedi with those fight skills! It is great to see Morgan take on this interesting role of a kind of zen type of person. He is very peaceful yet a strong fighter with deep-rooted determination. He tells Daryl that “all life is precious” and it is very telling with how he has transformed. His return will have profound effects on Rick and the others depending on how it plays out at the beginning of the next season. 

Aaron and Daryl

Daryl has a unique role in the world of The Walking Dead. He is also typically the lone wolf (no pun intended) and to see him not only be willing to work with someone else but also develop such a strong relationship so fast is different for him. It is a refreshing change and shows how he can continue to grow as a person, just like Carol has become stronger and Michonne has become less angry. To see him and Aaron bond and develop their bromance is really nice. It is hard to say whether he would actually die for Aaron as the scene at the canned food factory suggests. Daryl probably could’ve taken all of those walkers on. The fact that they continue to keep moving toward a dynamic duo powerhouse is great! Their continued bonding and working together is good for Daryl. He needs to develop more strong bonds after losing Beth and Noah, not that there was much of a built-up relationship with the latter.

Aaron and Daryl have a really nice balancing act worked out. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Aaron has the experience finding people to bring back to Alexandria and he has the diplomatic side. Daryl, on the other hand, is the fighter and has far greater understanding of the outside/real world, as dark as that understanding can be. They are the epitome of Alexandria’s internal conflicts but how they can work together and continue to build strong working relationships and bonds within the community.

Sasha and Gabriel

Sasha has spent the season attempting to cope with the deaths of the two most important people in her life; Bob and Tyrese. She has been one of the hardest characters to anticipate and figure out all season. What will she do next? Can she continue to survive? Can the group rely on her? What we have found out is that while she is doing some strange things, like laying down on a bed of dead walkers in this episode, she can be relied upon. She is afraid to go on and goes to Gabriel for help as a spiritual leader. In what has become true Gabriel fashion he not only turns her away, he completely antagonizes her like he has some sort of death wish. Which, by the way, he must have. After going outside the walls to take on walkers and not closing the gate, he then decides to antagonize a very fragile woman, who is armed with a large gun at the time. The only reason that Gabriel survives is because Maggie comes to find him to come to the town meeting. It is likely safe to say that Maggie didn’t stop Sasha from killing Gabriel for Gabriel. She did that for Sasha.

The Town of Alexandria vs. Rick Grimes

The town meeting was a necessary and powerful element of the episode. On the surface it was a kind of trial for Rick but it was also a type of funeral turned rebirth for Rick and the group. Maggie, Carol, Michonne and Abraham all come to the defense of Rick and his ways. Their speeches, particularly Maggie’s, sound like eulogies. But, when Rick finally shows up with the dead walker that entered through Gabriel’s opening we see the prodigal son rise from the ashes. Rick’s speech, as all of his are, was very inspiring. Makes you kind of wonder why Rick became a police officer and not a politician. He was inspiring and brought hope to what seemed to be a hopeless mission. 

Of course, this moment was interrupted by the very unstable Pete wielding Michonne’s sword. In his fight against Rick, he ends up killing Reg, Deanna’s husband. This wasn’t the epic death we had all been expecting but I am sure we are all happy about that. We had some fake-outs in this episode; namely Glen, who seemed to work out his conflict with Nicholas. In the aftermath of Reg’s death, Deanna finally sees Rick’s point of view and allows him to take care of Pete in his way, by killing him. These two deaths were symbolic, as is the case with most of what happens on this show. Reg’s death is symbolic of innocence and hope. Pete’s death is the symbol of the continued fight against the chaos of this world. The show is getting deeper and deeper. I can’t wait to see what next season will offer!

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The Walking Dead New Episode Review - Try

There are two truly important episodes in a season of any show. The first and the last, obviously. While there are many other important episodes throughout the course of a show’s season there is one that stands out as number three in importance… that is the one right before the season finale. The Walking Dead is one show where this is probably the most true. On The Walking Dead it always seems like we are racing towards something all season and that something is in the finale. Try was a great pre-finale episode for The Walking Dead. It laid the foundations for what looks  to be a all around eventful and emotional episode.

Spoiler Warning - This Review Contains Spoilers

Deanna and the Illusion of Calm

This episode had two major powerhouse characters; Deanna and Rick. It is hard in a leadership situation for a strong leader to give up any bit of control to another. I think we were all sensing this was coming after Gabriel’s visit to Deanna in the last episode. She has developed major insecurities about the group and Rick in particular. When Glen comes back from the supply run with the news that her son, Aidan, has died she questions Glen and his entire group’s motives. The lies Nicholas told at the beginning of the episode regarding Aidan and Noah’s deaths didn’t help matters much. When Carol, on behalf of the group, leaves a condolence card for Deanna she burns it. Deanna is a strong character but I also think that she realizes the group is representative of the harsh realities of the world outside their walls. They are the mirror that her and her people don’t want to look at.

The group is very different from the people of Alexandria. We all know this and knew it from the beginning. We can’t be that surprised that their differences would have been overlooked by Deanna. However, Deanna’s judgement is being clouded by Gabriel, Nicholas and her insecurities. That’s not to say that the group hasn’t given her reason to be uncertain of their motives. Particularly with the tensions that Glen and Aidan had in the beginning and the growing tensions between Rick and Pete.

Rick and the Reality of Chaos

Speaking of Rick, he kinda lost it this episode. We have seen Rick lose his cool in the past but each time it gets a bit worse. This time was no different. After getting into a fight with Pete over his physical abuse of his wife, Jessie, and Rick’s infatuation with her, we see him completely breakdown in front of the whole town and the group. Rick was building up to this point and the revelation that Deanna knew about the abuse made matters worse. After his rant in the street Michonne knocked him out. It was probably for the best. 

Alexandria is a boiling pot of water about to go over. Rick is just representative of that. After Glen confronts Nicholas, we find out that Nicholas has the gun Rick hid in the blender. He is someone who should not have a gun unsupervised. Sasha shouldn’t have a gun unsupervised either, but for a different reason. She needs some counseling or something because she is still having a difficulty time adjusting. Everyone who is from outside the walls of Alexandria has a deep rooted fear of forgetting how to survive and we are seeing that with Carl, Michonne, Carol, Daryl, Tara, Enid…. But, that fear seems to be leaking in to their lives in the community of Alexandria.


So what does all of this mean as a lead up to the 90 minute long season finale of The Walking Dead? It means that we are seeing more of the inner struggles of our characters and their humanity. I know…it’s deep. But, it’s true. It’s calm versus chaos. This show tends to thrive on the chaos, and let’s be honest… it wouldn’t be that interesting if they all got along. We have a lot of elements at play here; Rick and Deanna’s struggles, the conflicts of Alexandria, and who keeps carving ‘W’ into the walkers? We also need to be realistic as avid viewers of this show… we need to mentally prepare ourselves for who may die in this episode. Good luck watching tonight, my fellow geeks. We all need it.

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Helix New Episode Review - Plan B

Wow! Last night’s episode of Helix was unbelievable. So much awesomeness, I didn’t know they could do all of that in one episode! The show and it’s writers continue to move the show forward at a great pace with amazing twists. I mean can you believe what happened with Pe……….

Spoiler Warning - This Review Contains Spoilers

Sorry. That was a little cheesy. But, seriously… can you believe what happened with Peter? I was not expecting that and as much as this show continues to surprise me but that was the best twist this show has ever seen. This episode can really be divided into two sections; Sister Anne and Sister Amy. These were the two driving forces for this episode and the storylines within it. There was a lot of puppet master playing happening during this episode.

Sister Anne

In the absence of Michael, Sister Anne has gotten a sudden thrust of power. As a result, we have learned a great deal more about the abbey, Michael and the future of St. Germain Island. Speaking of the future, Peter has become a large part of Anne’s plans. He has become the new Michael, taking control of the day to day operations of cult-life. He even went as far as using Kyle’s sickness to his advantage in his fight with Alan; the ultimate sibling rivalry. The evolution of both Anne and Peter has been really interesting. Anne has gained a voice in her fight with Amy and the realizations regarding Michael. Anne has manipulated Peter in a way, using his insecurities against him and to her advantage. Now, Peter is all about following his path. We have seen much variety from Peter this season, going from opportunistic and money motivated to power hungry cult leader.

Sister Amy

Contrary to her mother, Amy has not done a twist in behavior. She has stayed consistent and even has had her insanity escalate all season. Amy has reached maniac levels… had reached. The spoiler warning was up there so let’s just put it all out there… Amy died in a blaze of poisoning glory. Her death was fitting for a villain after almost stealing Sarah’s child. On that note… I love how Sarah and Julia worked together to trick Amy. It was great and her death was amazing! I know we shouldn’t be that excited about Amy’s death but if Twitter was any indication people were pretty excited about it. I will miss Amy because she added an interesting level of crazy to the mix of every episode. Alison Louder has been a great actress for the show and it will be difficult to move on without her. I think we will be able to do it. 

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Agents of Shield New Episode Review - Double Edition - One of Us & Love in the Time of Hydra

Once again we had some great things come out of our favorite Tuesday night show, Agents of Shield. The last two episodes of Agents of Shield have been really good and this review is a double header of these great episodes.

Spoiler Warning - This review contains spoilers.

One of Us

Some really cool things happened in One of Us. First of all, we saw a little more of Agent May’s past in the form of her ex-husband, played by the very talented Blair Underwood. The connection between these two was really nice. That can be the problem with bringing guest stars for such a character building element, but Blair Underwood pulled off the character really well and, though I’m not sure we’ll see this, it would be great to see him come back. It was also nice to May’s personal side and background. It was a great addition to the show and it’s storylines.

The second focus of this episode was Cal and Skye and all of the elements that go along with that dynamic. Where to start? We have Cal’s anger towards Coulson which can be confusing… is he mad that he killed Whitehall first or that Skye likes Coulson better? It’s probably both but not always so clear. Don’t get me wrong now… Kyle McLachlan does a great job with the role and I love seeing him in the episodes. I am just not sure if its the writers intentionally making Cal confused about his motives or not? I like to think it is intentional, though. Unfortunately, this episode showed us more about the approach the team is taking towards Skye, despite using her towards the greater good.

Love in the Time of Hydra

Speaking about using Skye for the greater good… they did this and then turned around and now want to, according to Simmons, “fix” her. What I hate about this is that it will quickly begin to turn Skye against the team if they are not careful and that connection her and Coulson have can disappear. This would not only hurt the team but it could have major impacts on Skye and her own views of her powers. The move to isolate Skye is also hurting other dynamics within Shield; namely Fitz and Simmons’ already strained relationship.

We got another great episode from Ming-Na Wen in this episode with the revisiting of Ward and Agent 33. They are working their own agenda of vengeance and a twisted version of Bonnie and Clyde. Ward, while seeming to want to help Agent 33 (a.k.a. Kara) out of love, is also running under another manipulative kind of agenda. We don’t know exactly where this will be going but it was nice to know that we haven’t simply forgotten about these two characters, particularly Ward.

At the end of the last episode we finally found out what Mack and Bobbi have been up to. They, according to Mack, are part of the new “real” Shield, which is run by the always awesome Adama… wait… sorry… Edward James Olmos. So this twist is probably one of the best we have seen in the modern Marvel Universe… after the whole Hydra takeover thing. We find out that this was a group that was against Fury and his ways and sees Coulson as Fury 2.0. At the end of the episode we see Bobbi say that she will take care of the situation with Coulson and “his” Shield by “Removing the threat”.

Thanks for reading! Next week’s episode looks great and I’m sure they have more cool stuff in store for us for the rest of the season.

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Helix New Episode Review - Double Edition - Ectogenesis & Mother

So this week we have a double edition of the Helix new episode review. There are few shows that this type of post would be possible with. The reason I am doing this… well if you follow on Twitter you know I have been sick and have had a bit of a delay. With this delay, I realized that Helix is one of those shows that is written so well that it allows for you to feel like each episode flows into the next seamlessly. So, this week, in addition to brief reviews of these great episodes I also wanted to do a wider picture review of Helix as a show and, more specifically it’s writing.

Spoiler Warning — This Review Contains Spoilers


This episode was really good and the hour flew by in no time. First of all, I must say, I loved seeing Doreen again! She was such a great character and it is really interesting that, out of everyone, that is who Alan conjures up in his dreams as his voice of reason. Alan is perfectly described in this episode, by Doreen, as a “man in search of a mission.” He is lost and looking for a purpose in his life. Whether he had these insecurities about his life before Arctic Biosystems or not is another question… one I don’t believe we can get an answer to. This part of the episode is a demonstration of the stark contrasts between Alan and Peter. Alan is looking for a purpose and a mission. The character is very insecure and is threatened by Kyle. We also learn that Kyle is insecure (next episode). Their dynamic, while initially seeming unnecessarily antagonistic, is working really well. Peter is looking for money and opportunity. The fact that Peter has been working for Sergio and Ilaria was bad enough; but, when he told Julia he would help for the price of $100 million I must say… I was shocked. I know Peter has gotten bad, but that was surprising.

The overall tone of this episode is hard to discern because our main characters were separated. However, unlike with some other shows, this was near impossible to realize because of how well it all flowed. We do have the sibling rivalry dynamic. This wasn’t just the case between Alan and Peter. We also see this family rivalry with Anne and Amy… mother to daughter and, as creepy as it is, sister to sister. We also see more of the infighting between Peter and Julia after she explains that Narvik is about to be unleashed upon the world. 


In the last episode of Helix we see things start to round out. We learn more about the creation of immortals and the darkest secrets (truths) of the Abbey. During the process of attempting to make Amy immortal and testing it on Landry something goes wrong. Julia and Sarah figure out that it is the fact that they are not new immortals that caused the reaction. Only new immortals can create more. The time that we saw these two interact was interesting and reminds us that they are not that different from one another. They are both strong, independent… yes, immortal. Beyond all of that, they are intelligent. We see a glimpse of what the two of them could do together and if Sarah was to go to Ilaria she would have much to gain.

Amy is a child! That was all I could keep yelling at my TV when watching this episode. Child! Once I moved past that, I was able to appreciate the quality of her character and the ability she has to get what she wants out of people. We learned so much about the power struggles that are building and the origins of the Abbey. We learn more about the mother root and, the biggest revelation, the  (for lack of a better word) Baby Farm deep in the Abbey. During this scene we also see the similarities between Alan and Peter. They both have insecurities over their roles in the world. They are both yearning to have an impact. Peter begins to develop a bond with Anne and even goes as far as killing one of the women in the Baby Farm. Another thing I would have never had expected.


First of all, Helix, as I keep saying, is a great show. The writers know what they are doing. The hour of each episode passes by and you hardly know what has happened. All you do know is that you want more. It is a storyline that you never get tired of and the twists and turns keep you guessing. Everything just flows… simple as that. A show produced by Ronald D. Moore is always a good sign that it will be excellent. But, it isn’t just Moore that has created this show unlike any other. The creator of the show, Cameron Porsandeh, had a lot to do with it too.

While the writers and producers are a huge part of what makes Helix what it is, other elements of the production are key factors to the shows charm. The cast, of course, is great and they all flow well together. The set design immerses you in the show, whether it be the frigid setting of season one or the island of season two. And, I must say, one of the best elements of the show is the music. The throw us for a spin when they include songs that you would never guess a dramatic scene would warrant. It is always a great element in the episode and something that many fans on Twitter look forward to. Overall, this show is a great one and, from the looks of it, will be for a long time to come.

The Walking Dead New Episode Review - Spend

The Walking Dead continues to keep us on the edge of our seats week after week. It is becoming increasing suspenseful and harder to anticipate. That is part of makes the show a truly great show… you can’t always guess what is going to happen next. A very hard trait to find nowadays.

Spoiler Warning - This Review Contains Spoilers

RIP Noah

This week we saw the end to a promising character. Noah, played by Tyler James Wilson, was killed this week and his death was extremely symbolic of the group’s current situation. It is difficult to see such a relatively new character leave us so soon, but it was a necessary death for the developing storyline. First of all, his death showed us how far the people of Alexandria go in the effort of self-preservation. We saw examples of this throughout the entire episode; namely with Abraham and the construction crew. The people in Alexandria are cowards and just let their own die without even trying to help. The worst end of the post-apocalyse spectrum. The second important impact of Noah’s death is the demonstrating of how vital it is for the group to continue to be skeptical of their new environment. In addition to the cowardice and the dangers surrounding that, the group can not completely assimilate into Alexandria if they can’t trust the people to have their backs or to, at the very least, complete a mission. Finally, what is very interesting about Noah’s death is that he was going to become more involved in the maintaining of the wall surrounding Alexandria. He was trying to perpetuate the building of a life there for him and the rest of the group. It is hard to see the glimpse of hope disappear so easily, and so quickly.

Gabriel’s Undoing

Speaking of the disappearance of hope… Father Gabriel is taking an even larger turn for the worst in this episode. We see him early in the episode kind of losing his mind a bit. He tears up a bible, breaks down in tears, and is an overall loner. Then, at the end of the episode, we see him pay Deanna a visit. During this brief visit, Gabriel decides to inform her about the evils of Rick and the others and compares their actions to the work of evil and the devil. His motives aren’t completely clear except to say that he has only ever cared about himself… I mean do we not remember his backstory? Deanna was already having significant doubts about Rick and the group and the new roles they are playing in their community. The addition of Gabriel’s information didn’t help matters. To make matters more interesting, Maggie heard the entire exchange. Rick and Carol’s reaction to this will be interesting… however Gabriel isn’t a child so Carol won’t scare the life out of him.

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Agents of Shield New Episode Review - Who You Are Really

Sorry for the delayed review this week, guys! This was yet another amazing episode for this epic show. Yes… that’s right I said EPIC! We are seeing a lot more of characters and all of the puzzles the show has been putting in to play. You can completely see the show progressing with the storylines and truly building up to some major developments for not only the show, but also the whole of the Marvel Universe.

Spoiler Warning - This Review Contains Spoilers


One thing that is probably among the most alluring characteristics of Agents of Shield is that it really keeps its continuity. The show, and its writers in particular, has an amazing way of staying truly canon to the Marvel Universe. This episode was a great example of that. In this episode we saw the return of Lady Sif of Asgard, played by the great Jaimie Alexander. The ability to continue to build links between the show and the movies of the Marvel Universe adds to the show’s charm and credibility. The more credibility the show has with fans, the more power it has to add and help to shape Marvel.

We see more the Kree and how they connect to the temple and the diviners. Lady Sif is brought to Earth to follow a Kree called Vin-Tak, played the amazing Eddie McClintock! Vin-Tak plays a crucial part in the story line of the show in helping to explain the temple and what has happened to Skye and Raina. This needed to be explained to fans, particularly those who do not follow the other parts of the Marvel Universe. We found out that there was small sect of Kree that created the diviners on Earth in an effort to create weapons with the people who get turned. This, naturally, leads to a way for Skye’s secret to be revealed to the team. This entire episode has so many steps but it felt flawless and flowed easily.


There are two areas within the shows character dynamics which have an aura of betrayal. First, and likely the most prominent, is that of Bobbi and Mack. They are hiding something big from the rest of the team and are somehow against Shield, or the way Shield has been established post-Hydra. Mack seems to be leading the charge for the two of them, whereas Bobbi seems to be more hesitant. It seems like their secret will come out soon (perhaps in tonight’s episode?). This part of the storyline this season has been really interesting, while at the same time feeling a bit dragged out. Mack has some significantly disillusionment with Shield and, particularly, Coulson.

The second area of betrayal is the team’s concerns regarding Skye. After it is revealed that Skye has changed and has powers we find the team confronted by Fitz, who knew about the change. They are discussing what to do about Skye and what she is capable of. Simmons is hurt that no one told her but given her behavior recently she has no right to be that surprised. Mack, once again, is vocal about his concerns and goes as far as saying “We need protection from her.” in response to Fitz’s pleas to keep Skye safe. It is important to remember that May and Coulson had little to say in this regard. In fact, we saw throughout the episode that May and Skye have developed a close bond. It is nice to see the two of them connect so strongly after everything that has happened.

Thanks for reading! New episode of Agents of Shield is tonight. Keep a look out for the new episode’s review either later tonight or tomorrow. I’ll be live tweeting the episode at @zonezerogeek.

The Walking Dead New Episode Review - Forget

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was titled Remember. It was fitting for them to have this title for that episode. The group spent last episode trying to figure out how they can be in Alexandria while at the same time remembering what they have been through and who they have become. Today’s episode being entitled Forget is fitting as well, for the themes brought out tonight.

Spoiler Warning - This Review Contains Spoilers


This episode picks up where we last left off with the group. They are beginning to see more of the day to day goings on within Alexandria. Some are able to assimilate more naturally; Rick, Michonne, Carol. Some are less able to do this; Sasha, Daryl. Daryl’s ability to assimilate in to Alexandria is the result of his upbringing and his skepticism on what is being presented to him by Deanna and the others. Sasha’s ability to assimilate is a result of all she has been through recently; losing Bob and Tyreese. Sasha is a strong woman and has been essentially running on autopilot warrior mode. She now is being presented with the option to turn off that mode and breath. This is making her lose control of her emotions; all of those emotions surrounding the great loses she has felt. She has truly been the victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We all knew she would explode at some point and it was no surprise that the party was the place. That party was the ultimate example of what the group has all lost. It will be almost impossible for them to go back to that completely. Whether Sasha will be able to fully assimilate into the life of Alexandria is yet to be seen. I’m not so sure… not unless she is able to work through the emotions and let it all out. She is completely right to have these emotions and I would be more concerned if she wasn’t exhibiting these issues. Let’s hope that her emotions don’t lead to recklessness and therefore….danger.

Rick, Carol and Michonne had interesting moments which defined their roles in this episode and where their character is going. Carol is playing innocent. She pretends to have no idea about guns and then threatens a child. What is with Carol and children? This scene was unsettling but Melissa McBride was amazing in this scene and continues to make Carol one of the best characters on the show. Michonne hanging up her sword was amazing. The subtle emotion of the scene was simple perfection. It was as if she was putting it in a place of honor, but also keeping an eye on it in case she needs it. Rick was interesting in this episode. It seems like he is coming around to Alexandria as an idea, while at the same time being cautious. But… at the end of the episode it was like he was channeling his inner-Shane and I thought he was going to kill to get the girl. It was a bit unsettling. 

Alexandria and Survival

I continue to be convinced that the people of Alexandria are completely naive and have no idea how to survive in this new world. Aaron is the exception to this, but everyone else is so oblivious to reality. Is it blind ignorance or is it out of site out of mind? Deanna surely wants to move the community into the future but doesn’t see the lack of security precautions as an issue. She wants there to be a government and police and an even larger community to develop. This is all admirable and potentially feasible… but, it will not be as smooth as she wants/expects it to be.


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