Agents of Shield New Episode Review - Laws of Nature (3.1)

It’s finally here; a new season of Agents of Shield! This season started off with one of the best episodes this show has ever had. One of the things I absolutely love about this show is how it is highly interpretive. This episode, for instance, is comparable to the mythology around the Pheonix. A Pheonix is alone in this world and when it perishes in a flash of flames rises anew from the ashes. Our characters are all fighting their own battles in the wake of last season’s revelations and challenges. Shield, much like both Daisy/Skye and Coulson, is rising from the ashes of it’s demise and becoming new and regenerated.



Life and Love

So much of Agents of Shield deals with the lives of our characters. Of course there is the awesome special effects and the brand new establishing shots we got for this season, but the writers are always exceptional at making us care about the personal lives and stories of our characters. This show is as much a character show as it is a comic book show that has become the glue for the Marvel Universe. Life and love are always an important part of the episodes of Agents of Shield, and this episode was no different. Hunter and Bobbie are still having troubles and for the majority of the episode Hunter is going out of his way to avoid any interactions with Bobbie, no matter what. At the end of the episode we find out that they have been continuing their relationship in both the romantic and physical realms and his awkwardness was a result of her asking for her wedding band back. Some might say this isn’t important but the meaning behind this storyline is very important.


Life, in this episode, is first addressed by our new character, Joey, after he is rescued from a black-ops team by Skye and Mack at the beginning of the episode. These first few minutes of this episode set the stage for where our characters are right now. Joey has an existential crisis after Mack and Skye, now going by Daisy, reveal he can not go back to his life and will need to adapt to being an Inhuman. What we also find out at this point is that the water supply and global marine life are contaminated. They are therefore sparking a significant increase in Inhuman transformations, or Biomorphic Events. Daisy has fully embraced her Inhuman self and her role in the new world that is unfolding, unlike Lincoln who we find out is less than accepting of his Inhuman self than he once was and is just trying to live a “normal life”.

Death, Fear and Rebirth

There have been a lot of endings in the Marvel Universe recently; the demise of Shield being the most notable. Now that Shield has taken on a protective role over the Inhumans coming in to existence, Shield is a symbol of rebirth. Daisy has been reborn from Skye to Daisy. Lincoln believes he needs to be reborn in to a new life. Bobbie has taken on a more scientific role, utilizing her many degrees. One might suggest that Coulson is a prime example of rebirth but he is not. He is still dealing with the demons of his death, TAHITI and the loss of his hand is a significant representation of all of that. The deepness of his demons and his fear was represented in his conversation with our new “villain” Rosalind, the person in charge of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU).


One of the most significant examples of fear and death in this episode is the introduction of Lash, from the Inhumans comics. The Lash storyline is perfectly introduced to the television audience with as little detail as possible to keep people guessing. This is perfect for the portion of the audience not familiar with the comics. While less detail was the way to go in the case of Lash, it is a bit unfortunate that there isn’t more in the Fitzs and Simmons situation. We did learn some things: Fitz is obsessed with looking for Simmons and clues to the monolith, Simmons has been missing with no word since the end of last season, and, now, we find out that Simmons is on another planet. At appears that after her incident with the monolith she was transported through some kind of portal to another planet. She is terrified when we see her at the end of the episode. But, what does she fear? who?



Thanks for reading! This season looks like it is going to be a good one and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Check out the blog for more geek news and reviews at and follow me on Twitter at @zonezerogeek for updates and live-tweeting.

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