Killjoys New Episode Review - The Sugar Point Run

Sometimes the season premieres of shows can be so good that they are too good to be true and future episodes don’t live up to the high standard. That is not the case for Syfy Channel’s new series, Killjoys! Tonight’s new episode, The Sugar Point Run, is the second and it continues the awesome momentum that was started with the series premiere.


The Company and Sugar Point

The premise of this episode was that Dutch is being required to take a warrant in the form of a prisoner exchange. The Company has had Simon, the brother of a gang leader, in prison and is being demanded in exchange for the daughter of an important member of The Company. We find out that Simon’s sister isn’t doing it for the family, she is doing for information he is holding inside of him. This information would provide launch codes for a deadly missile aimed at Old Town. D’Avin proves himself and his worth by being vital in the rescue effort and destruction of Simon’s sister and the missile. 

One thing I am really loving about this show is that while it is extremely unique it has elements of some of the greatest, though at times underrated, shows of our time; namely Firefly. Music, set design, background and more are all components that feel familiar though not a copy. That is a fine line for a show to walk and, so far, Killjoys is doing good job of it. Even the story of the role of The Company within the Quad and the Quad itself have some of those characteristics. I love a show that can make me feel at home without making me feel like I have seen this before. I just hope that they don’t cross the line they are balancing on.

Johnny and Dutch and….D’Avin

In this episode, we see the relationships within the show take shape and further develop. We learn more and more about the established relationships and a bit about the new ones that are emerging. First we have Johnny and Dutch as the dynamic duo. As Johnny put it, “she’s my partner…my boss…” and that perfectly describes another fine line the storyline is walking internally. There are times where they seem like equals in many ways but others where it is clear who is running the show. Dutch has a protective role for Johnny, as we see that she put extra security measures in place. She also demonstrates this in her conversation with D’Avin about where he is going to go and the impact his disappearance would have on Johnny.

Speaking of Dutch and D’Avin, they are slowly beginning to grow on one another. Dutch seems like the type who takes a long time to come around to new people, so this is positive. They work well together in Sugar Point and she even gives him the opportunity to take the lead on the mission. Her opinion ultimately leads to her suggestion that he become a Killjoy. He instantly agrees and everything seems fine. Johnny, on the other hand, doesn’t seem as happy as the others. Not sure if this is fear that D’Avin would replace him for Dutch or that he knows something about his brother that we do not. It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Dutch’s Training

One thing about Killjoys that is really appealing is strong female lead in the form of Dutch. She is so powerful and Hannah John-Kamen commands the role. Dutch is a hard-skinned and powerful force on the show. She is also quiet and restrained. In the series premiere, we began to see a bit about Dutch’s past and her training. This episode brought a lot more of that. We see the first time she killed at a young age. We still haven’t learned some of the key details of her upbringing and the details surrounding it but I am glad to see that they are moving that storyline along quickly.

Until next week… “The Warrant is All”.


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